Social Media Marketing - Virtual Intern Or CO-OP - Remote

Company: GAO Tek Inc.
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Location: Remote, Canadá
Allows work from home: Yes
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- You are studying for or have a University degree in Business, Marketing, Arts, English, Journalism, Education, or any programs providing strong English language training or candidates with strong English language skills.

- You shall be keen to learn, willing to work hard, maintaining productivity, and committed to the job.

- Participate in a team to organize virtual (online) global conferences.

- Use social media platforms such as LinkedIn to invite conference speakers, attendees, or sponsors.

- Perform social marketing to promote conferences and events and our products.

- Agenda preparation, care of speakers, attendees, and sponsors,
event coordination.

- You gain real-world work experiences at an internationally reputable high-tech company;

- Learn real-world knowledge, work ethics, team spirits;

- Receive 3 certificates, and

- It is short & convenient: you can work from anywhere, which makes you much more employable and competitive in the job market.

Work Day: Half-time
Employment type: Internships
Salary: Negotiable
Positions available: 10

Minimal experience: No experience
Gender: Indistinct

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